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Bomanite Exposed Aggregate System

Bomanite Exposed Aggregate System

Exposee by Bomanite creates an aggregate containing a cementitious layer that permanently secures the decorative aggregates, with a portion of the aggregate exposed. The resulting finish has a load bearing capacity of slab on grade concrete with a hardened wear layer comparable in durability to stone or terrazzo.

This durable, single pour system allows for installation in highly decorative areas such as where marble or granite would be utilized. However, unlike natural stone or manufactured unit paving that requires a base slab to provide its load bearing capacity and resistance to settling or heaving, Exposee by Bomanite meets and exceeds these requirements in one application.

With the aggregate mixed into the Exposee prior to pouring, a more even, consistent finish will result and increase the lifespan of the decorative surface.

Available in a multitude of colors with exposed fine stone, glass or other exotic aggregate blends, the design options are endless.

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